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Buchanan Takes On Forestry

Buchanan came to Maine on Monday as part of a two-day blitz through New England that started in New Hampshire, where he won the presidential primary four years ago, and ends tonight in Boston, where his two major-party opponents will debate without him.

While the LaValley Lumber yard in Sanford was a typical setting for a presidential candidate’s photo opportunity, Buchanan’s message was not typical.

Unlike other national candidates, who do whatever they can to stay out of controversial local issues, Buchanan came to Sanford specifically to speak out against Question 2, a statewide forestry referendum that would limit timber harvesting on land in the state’s tree-growth tax-relief program. more…

Californians Respond to ‘Meatball’

Re “Buchanan Immigration Ad Met With Quick Criticism,” Oct. 10: I thoughtthe Buchanan Reform Party “meatball ad” [a man chokes on a meatball after hearing on a news broadcast that English is no longer America’s official language; he calls 911 and passes out while listening to a menu of language options] was right on the money. It was not only witty and pointed to get my attention, but it woke me up to a real issue (unlike the boring debates!). Ultimately, I took home from the ad a message of unity and acceptance–in this country our English language is a major point of unity (not to mention that English is the primary language of international business and even of the air traffic controllers and pilots). more…

If you would like to make a special contribution that will be earmarked for the making and distribution of Buchanan Foster immigration ads, click here.

Buchanan Bulletin 11/9/00

Buchanan Courts Alabama

Reform Party presidential candidate Pat Buchanan said he isn’t letting up in his campaign, despite most polls showing he will hardly register with voters Tuesday.

“We’re running flat out in the race all the way to the end,” Buchanan said during a visit Wednesday to Birmingham, where he spent much of the day visiting media outlets in an effort to boost his lagging support among voters. more…

Do Not Waste Your Vote

On November 7, America will elect a new President. But voters have another reason to go to the polls — to change politics as usual. Bush and Gore want you to believe that a vote for Pat Buchanan is a wasted vote. This is patently untrue. Our new party needs only 5% of the vote this election to build the foundation for a fighting populist-conservative party. Your vote could make the difference. more…

PJB On the Ballot in 49 of 50 States

Patrick J. Buchanan and Ezola Foster are on the Presidential ballots in 49 of the 50 states, have full state of elector college memebers in all 50 states, and can be written in by Michigan voters.

Buchanan Maps Last-Minute Ad Blitz
by: Bob Kemper
Chicago Tribune

Reform Party presidential candidate Pat Buchanan this week is making a final push for relevancy in the 2000 campaign with a multimillion-dollar, 27-state advertising blitz.

Buchanan is spending much of the $12.6 million in federal campaign funds he received as the Reform Party’s nominee on a series of controversial, gut-punching ads designed to appeal to the most conservative voters, on whom Buchanan wants to rebuild his tattered third party. more…

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Buchanan Courts Alabama


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