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(remove group by and sort by criteria)   date title type Buchanan-Foster 11/6/00Get Out the Vote!press release Steve Reeves 11/2/00Buchanan Courts Alabamaarticle Buchanan-Foster 10/31/00Do Not Waste Your Votepress release Bob Kemper 10/31/00Buchanan Maps Last-Minute Ad Blitzarticle Douglas Haberman 10/30/00Supporters, Protesters and the Curious Attend Reform Party Presidential Candidate’s Talk at Claremont McKenna Collegearticle Zachary Coile 10/26/00Buchanan Whirls Through Bay Areaarticle John Wildermuth 10/26/00Voters Denied True Choices, Buchanan Says in S.F.article John Ellis 10/26/00Buchanan Brigade Hits Fresnoarticle Taki 10/24/00Taki Endorses Patarticle Judie Brown 10/24/00George Bush Not Pro-Life Says American Life Leaguearticle Paul Queary 10/24/00Buchanan, Nader Eye Alaskaarticle Michael Janofsky 10/20/00Nearing the End of the Tunnel, Buchanan Glimses a Sunsetarticle A.P. Thompson 10/20/00Buchanan’s Third-Party Campaign Visitsarticle William March 10/20/00Buchanan Wants Cultural Debatearticle Mike Schneider 10/19/00Buchanan Attacks Liberal Intolerancearticle Michael Griffin 10/19/00Buchanan Censures Moral Corruptionarticle Erin Hemme Froslie 10/18/00Buchanan Backs Farmers in North Dakotaarticle Don Feder 10/18/00Reticence Becomes the Right’s Stuffarticle Susan Squires 10/17/00Buchanan Makes His Case in Wausauarticle Jeff Decker 10/17/00Buchanan Draws Small But Energetic Crowdarticle Steven Bruss 10/17/00Buchanan: Attack on Cole Is Act of Wararticle Steve Schultze 10/16/00Buchanan Criticizes U.S. Foreign Policyarticle Nicholas Engels 10/15/00Pat Buchanan Delivers His Message to MUarticle Editorial 10/15/00Californians Respond to Meatballarticle Christopher Thorne 10/13/00Buchanan: U.S. Should Hunt Bombers, Adopt Even Handed Mid East Stancearticle David Gram 10/13/00Buchanan Attacks Vermont Civil Unionsarticle Matt Leciercq 10/12/00Buchanan Speaks to Campbell University Crowdarticle Jon Kamman 10/11/00Buchanan: Back English-immersion Classes, else U.S. Will Break Apartarticle Colleen Parro 10/11/00Bush/Gore Debate Winner – Pat Buchanan?article M. E. Sprengelmeyer 10/10/00Buchanan Accuses Indians of Intolerance, Bigotry in Columbus Protestarticle Eric Bailey 10/10/00PJB Ad Hits Californiaarticle Lynda Gledhill 10/10/00Buchanan Gets His Message Out in Plain Englisharticle Hahn Kim Quach 10/10/00Buchanan Launches Anti-Immigration TV Adarticle Dennis Love 10/10/00Buchanan Steps Forward with ‘Meatball’ Adarticle Scott Lindlaw 10/9/00Buchanan Decries Immigration Levelsarticle Robert Weller 10/9/00Buchanan Criticizes Parade Protestarticle Bob Schieffer 10/8/00PJB ‘Faces the Nation’transcript Joe McDermott 10/6/00Buchanan Holds Attention of Crowd at Lehigh Universityarticle 10/5/00The Night Reaganism Diedarticle Laura Meckler 10/4/00Debate: Did They Tell the Truth?article Buchanan-Foster 10/4/00Bush Betrays Lifepress release Gregory Kesich 10/3/00Buchanan Takes On Forestry Referendumarticle Leigh Strope 10/3/00Third Parties Locked Outarticle Larry King 10/2/00PJB on Larry Kingtranscript Political News writer 10/2/00Buchanan Wins Spot On Florida Presidential Ballotarticle Tim Russert 10/1/00Meet the Presstranscript James Warren 9/29/00Unflagging Buchanan Carries Right’s Bannerarticle Steve Farrell 9/28/00Let Pat Debatearticle Stephanie 9/28/00Buchanan Attends Metairie Fund-Raiserarticle Linda Leicht 9/28/00Buchanan Earns Respect at Evangelarticle 9/28/00Buchanan Denounces RU-486 Decisionpress release Michael Carney 9/28/00Buchanan Attends Christian Coalition Convention, Bush AWOLarticle 9/28/00Address to Bob Jones Universityspeech Chris Blose 9/27/00Fayette Welcome Buchananarticle Don Feder 9/27/00Out-of-focus Bush Doesn’t Need Opraharticle Jim Haug 9/26/00Reform Party’s Buchanan Clamors for Nation’s Attentionarticle Eric Stern 9/26/00Buchanan Says “bogus” Debate Rules Shut Him Outarticle Buchanan-Foster 9/25/00Buchanan v. Federal Election Commissionappeal Buchanan-Foster 9/25/00Debate the Debatesaction alert Eric Heyl 9/22/00Buchanan Makes Local Campaign Stoparticle M.R. Kropko 9/21/00Reform Candidate Buchanan Makes Ohio Stoparticle George Szamuely 9/20/00Closed Ballotsarticle Santiago Esparza and Charlie Cain 9/20/00Buchanan Rips Miller for Leaving Him Off Ballot Secretary of State Fears He’ll Rob Bush of State Votes, Reform Candidate Claimsarticle Thomas B. Edsall 9/19/00Buchanan Declares Culture Wararticle Henry Eichel 9/19/00Buchanan Takes Presidential Bid to Bob Jones U.article David Firestone 9/19/00Buchanan Forcefully Strikes Familiar Notes in Speech at Bob Jones Universityarticle George Szamuely 9/15/00Decline of The West Dubya and the War Street Journalarticle Buchanan-Foster 9/14/00THE DEAL IS SEALED Final hurdle cleared as Buchanan-Foster awaits transfer of $12.6 million in Federal Fundspress release Buchanan-Foster 9/14/00BUCHANAN: TODAY VERMONT, TOMORROW WE TAKE AMERICA BACKpress release Buchanan-Foster 9/13/00NATIONAL RADIO TALK SHOW HOST ENDORSES PAT BUCHANAN FOR PRESIDENT Calls George W. Bush a “Wimpy, Empty Flannel Suit”press release Buchanan-Foster 9/13/00’DO THE RIGHT THING, CANDICE’ Bay Buchanan calls on Bush Co-Chair to Put Pat Buchanan on Michigan Ballotpress release Buchanan-Foster 9/13/00ANOTHER VICTORY FOR BUCHANAN! Superior Court Judge to Hagelin: You’re No Reformerpress release Buchanan-Foster 9/12/00BUCHANAN-FOSTER TO FILE 10,000 SIGNATURES IN MINNESOTA TODAY Campaign Gathers Five Times the Required 2,000press release Buchanan-Foster 9/8/00BUCHANAN TO RECEIVE FULL GENERAL ELECTION FUNDING “It is irrefutable: Pat Buchanan is the Reform Party candidate.” -Tim Haley, Campaign Managerpress release Buchanan-Foster 9/7/00BUCHANAN ON BALLOT IN OHIO AND NEW HAMPSHIRE On the Way to Securing Ballot Access in 50 Statespress release Buchanan-Foster 9/7/00STATEMENT FROM BUCHANAN-FOSTER Campaign Chair Angela “Bay” Buchananpress release Buchanan-Foster 9/6/00BUCHANAN-FOSTER UNVEILS GENERAL ELECTION CAMPAIGN TEAM Love Advertising Signed Up as Ad Agencypress release Justin Raimondo 9/6/00Fantasy Island Foreign Policyarticle Buchanan-Foster 9/6/00DEBATE VICTORY! Monumental Setback for Democratic-Republican Establishmentpress release Buchanan-Foster 9/1/00COONEY’S CANISTER TOSSED OUT Buchanan On Ballot In Montanapress release Buchanan-Foster 9/1/00PAT WINS ANOTHER ONE! Unanimous Decision In Kansaspress release Buchanan-Foster 8/30/00BUCHANAN FILES FOR BALLOT ACCESS IN NEBRASKA Campaign Submits Double the Signatures Neededpress release Buchanan-Foster 8/28/00BUCHANAN SECURES BALLOT ACCESS IN MASSACHUSETTSpress release Anita Srikameswaran 8/27/00Reform Candidate Stumps In Coraopolisarticle Buchanan-Foster 8/25/00BUCHANAN FILES FOR VIRGINIA BALLOT ACCESSpress release Buchanan-Foster 8/24/00BAY BUCHANAN ON NORTH CAROLINA: “TREMENDOUS” DECISIONpress release Buchanan-Foster 8/24/00PAT BUCHANAN ON THE BALLOT IN NORTH CAROLINA Wins Hearing by a Three-to-one Votepress release Buchanan-Foster 8/23/00BUCHANAN-FOSTER SUBMIT MORE THAN DOUBLE SIGNATURES REQUIRED FOR NEW YORK STATE BALLOTpress release Buchanan-Foster 8/16/00BUCHANAN CHARGES: BLACKS “RELEGATED TO SECTION EIGHT HOUSING” IN CLINTON-GORE CABINETpress release John Osullivan 8/15/00There’s Something In the Airarticle Thomas B. Edsall 8/13/00Buchanan Accepts Reform Nominationarticle 8/12/00Reform Party Nomination Acceptancespeech 8/6/00Face the Nationtranscript 8/6/00Fox News Sundaytranscript 8/6/00CNN Late Edition with Wold Blitzertranscript 6/19/00Hardball with Chris Matthewstranscript Buchanan-Foster 6/17/00Buchanan: “Bring U.S. Troops Home From Korea”press release Justin Raimondo 6/5/00Much Ado About Patarticle 5/30/00Talk of the Nationtranscript 4/28/00Trouble in the Neighborhoodspeech 3/31/00A Den of Thievesspeech 3/24/00A Republic, Not an Empirespeech 3/16/00’A Plague on Both Your Houses’speech 2/4/00Bay Buchanan Discusses Reform Party Personalities, New Hampshire, Pat’s Campaign and Women and much morearticle 1/21/00A Conservative Agenda for a New Centuryspeech 1/18/00To Reunite a Nationspeech 1/16/00Face the Nationtranscript Buchanan-Foster 1/6/00Buchanan Calls CPD Decision ‘Beltway Conspiracy’ to Control Presidencypress release 1/6/00The Millennium Conflict: America First or World Governmentspeech 12/17/99Toward a More Moral Foreign Policyspeech 11/29/99Meet the Presstranscript 11/22/99Crossfiretranscript 11/22/99A New Americanism Patrick J. Buchananspeech Buchanan-Foster 11/15/99Buchanan Slams China Trade Deal In Little Rock, Pat Buchanan Released the Following Statementpress release Buchanan-Foster 11/3/99Buchanan Sees Perils In WTO, CBI, NAFTA Expansionpress release 10/25/99The New Patriotismspeech Buchanan-Foster 10/22/99Buchanan Praises Pro-Life Senatorspress release Buchanan-Foster 10/21/99Buchanan Blasts Record China Trade Deficit, Warns Of Bubble Economypress release Buchanan-Foster 9/24/99Buchanan Responds to Republican Rivalspress release Buchanan-Foster 9/23/99Buchanan Calls McCain’s Charge ‘Baseless, False, Contemptible’press release 8/9/99A Family Farm Bill of Rightsspeech 6/1/99Let America Have a True Choicespeech 5/8/99A Republic, Not An Empirespeech 4/5/99A Time for Truth About Chinaspeech 3/2/99Presidential Announcement Speechspeech 3/2/99PJB On the Issues: Energypolicy issue 3/2/99PJB On the Issues: Veteranspolicy issue 3/2/99PJB On the Issues: Tradepolicy issue 3/2/99PJB On the Issues: Social Securitypolicy issue 3/2/99PJB On the Issues: Small Businessespolicy issue 3/2/99PJB On the Issues: 2nd Amendmentpolicy issue 3/2/99PJB On the Issues: Sanctionspolicy issue 3/2/99PJB On the Issues: Political Reformpolicy issue 3/2/99PJB On the Issues: Immigrationpolicy issue 3/2/99PJB On the Issues: Health Carepolicy issue 3/2/99PJB On the Issues: Foreign Policypolicy issue 3/2/99PJB On the Issues: Defensepolicy issue 3/2/99PJB On the Issues: Educationpolicy issue 3/2/99PJB On the Issues: Abortionpolicy issue 3/2/99PJB On the Issues: Environmentpolicy issue 3/2/99PJB On the Issues: Drugspolicy issue 3/2/99PJB On the Issues: Culturepolicy issue 3/2/99PJB On the Issues: Crimepolicy issue 3/2/99PJB On the Issues: Chinapolicy issue 3/2/99PJB On the Issues: Bureaucracypolicy issue 3/2/99PJB On the Issues: Agriculturepolicy issue 3/2/99PJB On the Issues: Affirmative Actionpolicy issue 3/2/99PJB On the Issues: Foreign Aidpolicy issue 11/18/98Free Trade is Not Freespeech 6/22/96Speech at Texas GOP Conventionspeech 1/21/95A Contract with the Unbornspeech Ron Hurtbise 10:20:00 AMBuchanan Ad Debuts with ‘Fighting’ Themearticle

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